About Christine 

I had a wake-up call many years ago when I was living in New Jersey. I had gone through a painful break-up, was in the last of a series of dead-end jobs, and knew in the depths of my soul, I needed a change and a big one. Initially, I had no idea where to start and what the change would look like, but I was aching for an overhaul in every sense of the word.

I started to listen to my inner voice, which I now know, was my soul. I got very quiet, went inward and paid attention to how I was feeling, what I was doing and the life I was living.  I got painfully real with myself, probably for the first time ever, and had a major realization – nothing about my life really felt like “ME”.  Until that point, I had lived my life based on what other people thought I should do and who I thought I was based on their expectations.  I tried for years to be happy and peaceful as “that person”, but I had reached a breaking point and couldn’t do it anymore.  It became intolerable – the “I” who I had become, became intolerable.  I was at a fork in the road, a transformational point and I was ready to listen and dive in no matter how hard it was or how long it took.

My soul spoke very clearly and loudly – “You need to live your purpose.  Stop wasting time.  You deserve more and owe it to others to figure it out.  Move to California.  Heal yourself and help other people heal and live happier lives.  Help organizations function more efficiently, help executives lead with more confidence and purpose.”  It was a lot, but I knew it was what I needed to do, so I started to put a plan in motion.  I quit my job, moved to California and embarked on a long and wondrous path to create a new, more meaningful and purposeful life. Was it always easy? AS IF!  It was terrifying at times! I knew no one, had no idea where I was going to live, how I was going to live, but I knew it was my calling, it was my purpose and that is what kept me moving forward.

Today, I am the happiest and most peaceful I’ve ever been.  I believe and trust in myself like I never had before.  I make decisions by tuning into my body and feeling my way through, rather than thinking myself into what I “should be doing”.  I am the sole owner of a successful business serving organizations going through some sort of change, be it  mergers, acquisitions, outsourcing, re-organizations or technology implementations.  I am also a certified life coach and work independently and at The Chopra Center supporting clients who are ready to make a change or just feel like they need an overall life re-boot.  I feel truly honored and blessed to serve in the way I do and most days, I don’t feel like what I do is really work!  If you feel called to be doing something (or everything) different, transform your relationship or yourself, DO IT!  That little voice inside you doesn’t go away – it just gets louder.  Don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back from living the life you were truly meant to live.

Are you ready?

Let’s go!




Formal Credentials

– B.A. – Psychology, Specialization in Workplace Studies – University of California, Los Angeles
– M.A. – Psychology, Dual Emphasis in Evaluation and Organizational Behavior – Claremont Graduate University
– M.S. – Human Resource Design and Management – Claremont Graduate University
– Certified Coach, Martha Beck, Inc.
– Coach, Chopra Center